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Grand Canyon University - Women's Soccer
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Frequently Asked Questions

-Lodging - Residential Campers will stay in Canyon Hall Dormotory. Canyon Hall, which houses 546 students, opened in 2010 due to GCU's continued student growth. This brand new dorm which opened Fall of 2010, includes fully-furnished suites with two bedrooms, one bathroom and a large living area.

-Medical Supervision - Qualified GCU athletic trainers will be available throughout all camp activities. Trainers will care for minor injuries, sickness and ensure that all campers receive proper hydration. In case of an emergency, the GCU training room is located right next to the GCU soccer field.

-Heat - In the months of May and June the temperature averages in the 90's. Our camp is designed to keep players out of the heat and sun as much as possible. Soccer sessions are either early in the morning before the heat picks up or later in the evening when it tends to cool. During the day players will be involved in indoor activities. During soccer sessions water breaks will be taken on a regular basis (every 10 minutes).

-What to bring - Residential campers should plan on bringing bedding (sheets/sleeping bag and pillow). For camp activities campers should also bring appropriate soccer equipment (Cleats, gym shoes, shinguards).Because of the sun in Arizona we also highly reccomend campers bring and use sunscreen. Because there are pool sessions in the camp, campers should bring swimming attire and a towel.